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Words from a guest

Ant Text City of E-mail Templates

My next stop among the Vikings in Scandinavia is in a city where one man has showed me a whole new way of thinking when writing e-mails.


This man is Antonio, the creator of every e-mail users’ future best friend – Ant Text. This tool, the Office 365 add-in, makes work in Outlook so much easier and more efficient for every employee in an organisation. The idea behind Ant Text is, as Antonio says, that the e-mail isn’t dead – it has not completely given way to Skype for Business, online meetings, cell phone text messages or any other newer and more fancy way of communicating. The e-mail is still where the greatest part of any business communication and now also part of the marketing takes place. Therefore it is essential to employ some tools that optimizes both usability and adds extra value to the business both communication- and branding-wise.

So let me tell you a little bit more about how to create this value with Ant Text and e-mail templates. By using Antonio’s great tool here, you can write e-mails easier and faster. Not only does this make internal and external communication more efficient. It also helps you obtain the following goals in your daily 1:1 communication:


  • Streamline your communication and ensure quality and consistency in your e-mails
  • Reduce errors when having to retype e-mail content
  • Adjust a template to fit content to the receiver with e-mail merge fields
  • Save time when attaching files and links and avoid copy-paste
  • Get your business message across in a tailored banner in every e-mail



Followers on my journey, do yourself, your co-workers, your accounts- or HR department, your salespersons on the go, or every other e-mail user you know, a favour – try the efficient ant that will structure your e-mail communication and assist you as a personal communication assistant.

Explaining the nitty-gritty inner workings and ROI of content marketing and email automations to bosses or clients, can bee quite a challenge. But it is necessary, how else can you bee successful? Bumblebee is passionate about giving you the tools to succeed better. Borrow, steal, copy word-for-word or just a line ..

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