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What to write in your next newsletter

Email newsletters give businesses a forum to send multiple messages to a captivated, qualified audience.

One of the best parts about email newsletters? Creating them is easy! The difficult part is generating content for newsletters every month -it can prove challenging for even the most experienced marketer.

In the next post from Template-City we will give you some ideas within different categories.

Category 1: Company information

Let your subscribers know more about your company. It can be about recent milestones, awards, good press etc.


  1. Favorable articles about your company
  2. Business changes that impact customers
  3. A company anniversary or milestone
  4. Recent award nominations or wins
  5. Open positions for hire
  6. Monthly business recap
  7. A behind the scenes look at your company
  8. A message from the CEO
  9. Insight into your company’s history
  10. Important dates to keep in mind

Category 2: Product information

Provide your subscribers with product updates. Do not only use text but mix-up the formats. Try to include videos, photos and other images to provide cool visuals along with the content text.


  1. New use cases and case studies
  2. A product video how-to
  3. Little known uses for your product or service
  4. Updates about new products and releases
  5. An exclusive tip of the month
  6. Images of your mobile app in action
  7. Partner mobile app reviews
  8. Deals and discounts
  9. A cool new best practice or tip
  10. New vendors for your products/services

So what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and create your next newsletter with some of the above inspirations.

We will soon get back with other categories for inspiration.


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