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Top email design trends to look for in 2020

By analysing the email design trends from 2019 you can get a jump start in 2020 and focus on crafting an email design strategy that will help you see more results from your email marketing efforts.

1. Video in Email

Video content is only becoming more popular, well – at least the video trend is growing as more content is being shared on social networks being “rich media”. (do people still say “rich media?”). Up to the point that people posting content on Linkedin for instance, they’ll add a video of them scrolling through their ebook or blog post with overlaying headlines and subtitles. What a Wild World man!

Embedding the actual video content into your email design is tricky business, most email clients (outlook, etc) don’t support it – the next best thing being to use animated gifs to reach a similar effect and get people to click through.

2. User generated Content, very trendy

Did we mention User generated Content (UGC) is very trendy in email marketing? One application is to iinclude five-star reviews you’ve gotten, boosting some social proof in your abandoned cart emails. Or, source photos and images from real customers. A tactic to source photos, for example is to create your own hashtag and encourage customers to share photos on social.

3. Animation with CSS and APNG images

Animation, email animation, gotta love it. In the list of top email design trends, GIF’s and CSS animation are at the top to get people’s attention. It can be fun and create a different experience.

Remember, less is more or, alternatively, more is more when it comes to animations in email.

Newer is to use APNG images instead of GIF’s. APNG files are like animated GIFs, but allowing 24-bit colors and alpha transparency. Just note that they aren’t completely supported everywhere (yet). Gmail and some versions of Outlook will show only the first frame.

4. Email interactivity and the one question feedback survey

Focus on creating interactive email experiences. Interactive emails are a bit different than your traditional emails, as they let your subscribers engage with you right in the email.

An example comes from fret, that lets you use a carousel type “click to change” buttons to change the flavor in their email. The animations aren’t GIFs—they’re actually built with CSS animated sprites (with fallback).
Interactive emails are also a way to get feedback from your customers.

Asking for feedback doesn’t have to be pushy, awkward, or unnatural — you can still create beautiful, well-worded emails that your audience wants to read and respond to.


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