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Outlook productivity tips.

Top 5 Outlook Tips to Increase Productivity

Microsoft Outlook, the industry standard for business email, calendars, and contacts, is where most modern workers begin and end their day. There are millions of different ways to speed up the program. We’ve compiled a list of our 5 favorite productivity hacks and tricks for making the most of this critical program.

1. Sort your emails into folders.

This is the obvious first step if you want to streamline your email usage. However, it can also be the most intimidating, especially if you have an overflowing inbox. Still, organizing your emails into an intuitive and easy-to-navigate folder system makes the most sense. No more wasted hours searching for that old email among thousands of others. Furthermore, an easy-to-use folder system will encourage you to deal with each email as it arrives rather than putting it off until later.

2. Scheduled Email delivery.

Do you want to write a message now but send it later? Outlook makes it simple. After you’ve written your email, go to Options > Delay Delivery > Do not deliver before, then specify the time and date you want it to be delivered. Perfect for composing a few quick responses before boarding a plane or heading into an afternoon of meetings.

3. Stop receiving emails from particular senders.

While true anti-spam protection is best implemented by a trusted IT advisor, you can block junk mail with specific actions. Click Home > Junk Email Options, and then specify which senders (and even which countries) you want to block as spam in the new window that appears.

4. Make use of Ant Text simple email templates.

You may find yourself rewriting the same email over and over again. To optimize your work, why not try out Ant Text?
Ant Text is a Microsoft Outlook add-in that increases productivity for you and your colleagues. With a few clicks, users can create, save, use, and share professional email templates.  All templates in Ant Text are easily customizable. Furthermore, there is a plethora of all ready-made Demo templates that are ready to use. All of which can be optimized to fit your needs.
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5. Keep important emails, calendar events, and notes on your desktop as files.

Drag an email, calendar entry, or other note to your desktop or into a folder, or use File > Save As to save it in a specific file format. Double-click it when you’re ready to access it, and Outlook will launch without any further action from you.

source: CMITsolutions


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