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Top 5 email marketing trends for 2022

The following are some of the most effective email marketing techniques and strategies for making your email highly interesting and converting.

1️⃣ User-generated content

This is one of the simplest and most successful techniques to increase conversions and organic traffic. In a nutshell, user-generated content refers to your customers’ product reviews, ratings, and images of them using the products, among other things. It will help to build a great impression if users see positive feedback from a varied range of customers on a frequent basis. As a result, the chances of conversion improve.

You can easily acquire user-generated content by encouraging consumers to upload photos of them using the product or including a CTA on a poll or survey to swiftly collect the data. By providing this information in your email text, you can persuade your readers to buy the product, enhancing your ROI.

2️⃣ Micro segmentation

Customer segmentation, as highlighted in earlier articles, is a powerful tool for increasing conversion rates. It’s time to go from segmentation to micro segmentation by 2022. This entails delving into a customer’s behavioural data, preferences, geography, personality, and other factors before categorizing them into specific email list groups.

According to research, the needs of your target audience are never the same. It will change on a regular basis. This means that your customer lists should be updated and possibly reissued on a frequent basis, depending on their current behaviour patterns. One approach to achieve this is to include a poll in your email to keep yourself informed about the changing requirements and preferences of your audience.

Micro-segmentation can be done based on a variety of factors, including:
• The location (house location, office location, locations frequented, etc)
• Personal preferences and purchasing habits (like a favourite shopping time, favoured food habits, preferable email reading time, time taken to load a cart, history of going back to abandoned carts, etc.)
• Gender, age, and occupation

3️⃣ Use of artificial intelligence

Despite the fact that AI is still a newcomer in the marketing world, the enormous benefits it could bring are already making marketers think. Every digital transaction, whether it’s an online purchase or an abandoned cart, generates a massive amount of data. It is now feasible to analyze trillions of data sets in a couple of seconds and get actionable conclusions using AI and Big Data.

Let’s say you want to start a festival sale but aren’t sure how to design your emails or what subject lines to utilize. The use of AI allows for the analysis of various different combinations based on previous data and the selection of the best options:
• Predictive analytics
• Optimising survey results are just a few of the thousands of things AI can do.
• Improving the send time
• Selecting catchy subject lines
• Setting up email campaigns
• Cleaning up the mailing list

To summarize, AI may not only boost your marketing efficiency in a short period of time, but it can also save you a significant amount of money on your efforts..

4️⃣ Personalisation

According to studies, clients are quite aware of the information obtained about them. Customers consent to offer you personal information with the expectation that you will utilize it to better serve them based on their needs. You may have a lot of client information if you’ve been in the marketing game for a long time. You know where they reside, their initial name, what they buy regularly, how often they buy, what their preferences are, and how many times they’ve visited your shopping site. It is feasible to tailor your consumer information to a specific audience utilizing email personalisation strategies.

Personalizing your marketing emails will increase their efficacy by a factor of ten. When it comes to personalizing your email newsletters, we’re not just talking about your consumers’ first and last names; there’s a lot more. The use of AI to create personalized and personalised marketing emails for specific clients is an emerging trend. When clients receive such communications and newsletters, they will feel cared for and understood.

5️⃣ Mobile optimisation

We live in a smartphone-dominated era. Mobile phones are increasingly used for everything from basic grocery shopping to conducting official meetings.
To grab the audience where they’re most likely to be found, your email marketing strategy must include mobile optimization tactics.

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