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Outlook email signature sync is on it’s way

Outlook users have been asking for the ability to sync email signatures across all of their devices for years, something Microsoft revealed that it is working on back in September 2019.

Writing and replying to emails in Outlook may soon be a little easier. Microsoft is working on the new Signature cloud settings to ensure a consistent user experience when you access Outlook for Windows on any of your PCs. It means that you will create your email signatures only once to get them synced to all the other devices where you have configured the same account. The feature is timed for a rollout beginning in June 2020.

For now, Outlook for Windows is the first client that is getting the cloud signature support, but it wouldn’t be surprising if Microsoft updates the Microsoft 365 Roadmap entry to bring this capability to other platforms in the coming weeks.

Source: Slashgear, OnMSFT, and CNET


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