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New Social Media channels

We are changing our logo. We have changed this for a few reasons.

First, this has been a process that also has given us the opportunity to publish two
more Social Media channels. We are now live on Facebook and Twitter and proud to
welcome new audience.

Secondly we decided to remove the pc screen in front the Ant because it gave a
wrong picture of where you can use Ant Text. We also made the text more clean with
fewer colors and less effects. The eyes and face of the Ant is now more warm and

Thirdly we added our new slogan “Intelligent Branding Email Templates” which tells
the story of why you should use Ant Text.

We have not changed the name or the Ant as hero, because this has already been taken
very positive from our customers.

The Ant Team is very proud and look forward to implement the new logo continuously in
all our pages, channels and materials.

We hope that you like it too!

Please follow our Social Media channels that suits you.


Ant Admin
Ant admin is the editor in chief of Template-city and is interested in everything that happens around email and marketing in the whole world. Template-city do not mind if it is news about software, product, sales, services or marketing related, just that it is usefull news for the public.

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