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Is your email convenient or effective?

It is interesting to know if you use email to communicate to others. This being the case, ask yourself this question – “Do I use email for convenient communication or for effective communication?

” Before you answer this question, I would like to share some behaviors with you to help you honestly assess your approach to email.

As someone who sends and receives a significant amount of personal email, we have concluded that many users approach email more focused on convenient communication than on effective communication.

Interesting experience is that convenient communication and effective communication do not have to be mutually exclusive when working with email.

Have you ever sent an email, only to have to explain your message in one or more additional responses? Have you ever sent an email, only to have to resend it again because you received no responses to the original? Was this more convenient for you?

We credit Keith Romaine for his great expriences and examples.

Please let us know your ideas, questions and experiences regarding this topic.

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