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How to Design Email Newsletter

Having an email marketing strategy for your business has become essential. Although it is considered an old-school tool, email is still popular, and most people check their inbox many times a day, especially since smartphones appeared.

Being able to periodically contact your subscribers through a newsletter is the best way to get their engagement, so your campaign should be nicely done.

How to Design Email Newsletter Templates that Turn Subscribers Into Clients



Your newsletter should be designed to meet your subscriber’s interests and demands, to entertain them and to make them want to purchase your product or service; that is, to turn your subscribers into your clients!

Thankfully, nowadays mailing apps offer amazing email newsletter templates to make our lives easier. So there’s little room for excuses. Here are some great tips and tricks to create the perfect newsletter.

4 Key Steps to Design an Email Newsletter to Turn Prospects into Clients

When designing your email campaign, you have to think about what you would like to see if you were the subscriber.

If you wouldn’t open your own campaign, you are probably doing something wrong. Let’s take a look at the four keys that you should be taking into account when building your newsletter campaign.

1. The subject: The key to the opening

How to Design Email Newsletter Templates that Turn Subscribers Into Clients


The first challenge you will face is getting subscribers to actually open your email. The subject of the email plays an important role here: it is what will determine if the subscriber opens the email or not.

It must be clear, concise, and creative. It shouldn’t lie and it should definitely be related to the content that’s in the body of the email, because if it doesn’t, the subscriber will probably not open any other campaign of yours ever again.



Would you like to be offered a special promotion in the title of an email only to open it and find out it talks about a store opening? Definitely not!

Avoid using symbols or any extra punctuation marks, and your subject line should never be entirely in capital letters.

Also avoid the so-called spam words: “free,” “discount,” “save,” or “make money.” All of these unoriginal expressions do not work.

In fact, these words will most likely send our beloved newsletter to our subscriber’s spam folder, and, even if they don’t, we’ve already said they’re not original. Try something else!

2. Design attractive email newsletter templates

Design attractive email newsletter templates

When your subscriber opens your email, it has to flatter his eye from the very beginning. You have to create an organised email newsletter template, with a nice font and enough spaces.

If it’s not pleasant to read or the colors are too aggressive, for example, the subscriber will probably not read it.

Let’s make it easy for him with big titles which tell him what the post is about. It is also important to include pictures.

This will allow him to see your products and will be the image he has of your company, so you must choose carefully.

Newsletters must always follow the same style and be uniform, so choose a tone and some colors that identify you and a template.

Using always the same two or three colors and a particular font may help our subscriber to identify us instantly when he receives your emails. Once you have this, don’t change it; it is important to create a corporate image.

Lastly, you must not forget the importance of a responsive design, so your campaign adapts to every device: mailing apps generally make every campaign responsive so you don’t have to worry about this.

3. Content for our target

If your content shows no quality or is not interesting enough, having a nice design will get us nowhere. Quality comes first. Look for news that awaken curiosity and write them with care.

You can then add some audiovisual content, future events, and obviously some promotional content. Experts recommend including 20% of promotional content and 80% of content of your own.

4. Calls to action and social media buttons

Calls to action are indispensable in your mailing campaign if you really want to turn your subscribers into clients.

We are talking about those links that lead the subscriber directly to your webpage, making sales easier.

Buttons like “Read More” or “Shop Now” are some very common ones, and you should include them in your email newsletter template!

It is also essential to include your social media buttons. It gives an image of integration that customers seem to really appreciate, and increases your number of followers.

Both calls to action and social media are useful tools to achieve web traffic and facilitate future conversions.

Now put these tips to the test! Design your own email newsletter templates.

These tips will help you create effective email newsletters, but remember that the most important thing is believing in what you do; this is always the best way to sell and to convey the essence of your company.

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