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Did you know..

 .. that it is possible to get Ant Text for Office 365 directly from Store in your Outlook or Outlook For MAC?

Just click the red “Store” button in the Outlook Ribbon and search for “Ant Text” We will soon publish the new version of Ant Text with our new features. We thank all of you who has written to us on support@anttext.com with your requests.

Let’s make your emails more alive than ever 

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User reviews: "This is one of these add-in you just can't live without. Are you sending many mails with more or less the same content. Or do you want your organization to send professional mails that looks good and follow corporate guidelines..... Ant Text. Beside that, it is easy to deploy, configure and create or update templates. The support from Insight Office is great. Altogether a five star Add.in" Tue, Sep 19, 2017 Anonymous
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