Write attractive and compelling e-mails with your own design, layout, graphics and attached files.

Ant Text is a new way of writing emails and a productivity tool for enterprises to save time when sending identical email text and files more than once.

With only a few clicks, you can write long and comprehensive emails with cool templates, and at same time, you can automatically attach files to your email.

Ant Text provides you with enterprise email templates anywhere at any time and on all devices.

With Ant Text you will obtain following goals:

  • Ensure quality and consistency in your emails.
  • Reduce errors by avoiding retyping the contents of your emails.
  • Save time, because you no longer have to search for files, and older emails.
  • Improve your brand and customer service.

Use Ant Text in your email:

Build your own folder structure to organize your enterprise email templates. Choose if you want to share a part of the folder structure or the whole structure including enterprise templates in your organization.

Use uniform text, subject title, top banners, pictures, tables, hyperlinks and attachments for each enterprise template you create.

Use Ant Text in your calendar:

Create appointments and events, organize meetings, schedule groups and send invitations to your relation through email. Ant Text is integrated to Outlook Calendar so you can add your own company visual identity to your appointments and schedules with professional and consistent templates.

Gone are the days of repeatedly composing the same email, as with Ant Text, you have a multitude of features at your disposal to streamline your enterprise communication.

With Ant Text you will write valuable emails your customers can’t ignore.

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