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 -that happens around email and marketing in the whole world. Template-city does not mind if it is news about software, product, sales, services or marketing related, just that it is useful news for the public.

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 Explaining the nitty-gritty inner workings and ROI of content marketing and email automations to bosses or clients, can bee quite a challenge. But it is necessary, how else can you bee successful? Bumblebee is passionate about giving you the tools to succeed better. Borrow, steal, copy word-for-word or just a line .. Hey! .. bee free -or send a neat little email-trick my way, I will most certainly love you for it.

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    Camilla Skjelborg Nielsen

    Because we've asked!

     I am not an IT expert, a software enthusiast or a gadget nerd – but I have a big passion for value creation in the field of customer and client service, team and group communication, marketing and internal knowledge management in any business. Office 365 and all of the possibilities for creating a modern workplace when using tools and add-ins to their fullest are exactly the kind of value creation and business optimization that I will communicate about here.

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