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You never know what’s coming next!

Facebook continues to change their newsfeed algorithm, making it increasingly difficult for brands to reach their fans through organic posts, forcing marketers to rethink their approach to social media. With many of the new Facebook updates and focus on user privacy and preference, organic reach continues to fall short.

In fact, if you are a large brand only 2-8% of fans actually see your posts and only .073% of brands’ fans actually interact with these posts! Facebook says that these changes are in the interest of keeping users happy, but at the same time, Facebook’s ad revenue continues to climb—are paid ads a marketer’s only hope?

Of course not, but it sure does call for better email campaigns and great ideas, doesn’t it? 

You could even start creating some really Awesome Email Receipts!

Transactional emails: the forgotten wasteland of successful email marketing. But why? one wonders! Receipts and other order-related emails have a natural higher open rate than regular email marketing campaigns, yet they’re often treated as an afterthought, a “just make sure they have our logo and colors” kind of email. Where is the love?!

A receipt is a perfect opportunity to sprinkle a touch of your brand’s personality through great copy and imagery, to help drive future engagement, and even to procure another purchase via product recommendations or a discount on their next purchase.

Explaining the nitty-gritty inner workings and ROI of content marketing and email automations to bosses or clients, can bee quite a challenge. But it is necessary, how else can you bee successful? Bumblebee is passionate about giving you the tools to succeed better. Borrow, steal, copy word-for-word or just a line ..

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