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A little handy Outlook MailTip

If your organization uses Exchange and Outlook, consider enabling MailTips! It’s quite handy and can be a big help.The MailTips bar (a yellow bar across the top of your email draft) is contextual and can pop up in different situations, including:

  • If you select “Reply All” by accident
  • If you type “please find attached” or something similar and don’t actually attach anything
  • Responding to someone with an Out-Of-Office message up in Outlook

So, to enable MailTips, open Outlook.
Select File, then Options:

Select Mail, then scroll down to the MailTips section and click “MailTips Options”:

You will see a pop up with full a list of conditions that trigger MailTips. Below, you’ll see options for displaying MailTips–I recommend the first option, “Display Automatically when MailTips apply”:

That’s it! It’s saved me from embarrassment more than once, I hope you find it useful.

Credits for a great tip from, Megan Hagedorn, http://www.marksgroup.net

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