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5 Email personalization strategies

Let’s look at five email customization options that aren’t limited to a name. It’ll amaze you how simple it is. 

  1. Segment your data

Segmenting your list is one of the most effective strategies to tailor your emails. Simply put, segmentation is the process of separating your list into segments that share specific characteristics. The parameters you choose to segment your list are determined by the industry you’re in and the campaign’s objectives. Your subscriber will feel like you know them on a personal level if you use that small piece of info in an email. As a result, they will be able to link to your email, engage with it, and hopefully perform the action you require. 

Therefore, segmentation forms the foundation of most, if not all, personalized email marketing strategies. 

  1. Employ triggered emails

Email automation is one of the most effective ways for personalizing email marketing. Email automation is when you utilize email marketing software to send emails to subscribers automatically based on the particular criteria you set. 

Sending tailored emails based on their behaviors is one approach to using automation. These triggered or behavioral emails are an excellent approach to make a subscriber feel as though you know who they are. 

  1. Send emails from a person

Another wonderful way to personalize your emails is to send them from a person rather than a company. People are more inclined to trust and relate to an email from another person than they are to an email from a corporation, according to research. In fact, 68 percent of Americans believe the “From” name influences their decision to open an email. 

Sending business emails from a real person gives your company a personal touch, which you can use to boost the efficacy of your email marketing campaign. 

  1. Use important anniversaries

Everyone enjoys commemorating anniversaries, particularly their own. You may add another degree of personalization to your subscriber’s experience with you by remembering important dates in their journey with you. It might be anything from their birthday to your joint anniversary. 

Obtaining crucial data for your subscribers is an important aspect of your marketing plan. It allows you to personalize your emails beyond merely utilizing the first name of your subscribers. 

  1. Use dynamic content

One of the wonders of email marketing is dynamic content. You can customize certain aspects of your email content to resonate with specific readers using this unique approach of finishing emails. In a nutshell, dynamic content allows you to show different content to various recipients in your emails. 

Dynamic content is based on the idea that some people prefer certain types of content over others. For instance, you give your subscribers individualized emails with the content they desire by showing their preferred sort of content. 

Beyond simply addressing your recipient by name, email personalization has developed and continues to evolve. Marketers are now better equipped to become more personal with their subscribers because of the rise of big data. This is why you should incorporate customization into your email marketing plan and follow email marketing best practices. 


Source: https://bit.ly/3IAymD3 

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