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11 tips for your event and newsletter

Are you sending event and email newsletters?

If so, it’s a wise choice. Research shows 90% of consumers prefer to receive updates from a company via an event and newsletter, while just 10% prefer updates on social channels.

Creating a must-read event and newsletter can be tricky. To stand out in a crowded inbox, make sure your event and newsletter has these epic elements shown and described below:

1. Must-click subject line

This is the first piece of information your reader’s see, so make sure you entice them to open your message. Do this by teasing content that is inside by using humor or by asking a question.

2. Compelling preheader copy

This is the next piece of information that readers will see and should be treated as an extension of your subject line. Tease the reader a little more to entice them to open up your message to learn more.

3. Featured content

Pick one piece of outstanding content and use that as the feature at the top of your newsletter. If you are struggling to pick a featured piece, narrow down your options until you find that one piece of must-read information.

4. Eye-catching graphics

Graphics are what pulls the eye to your different pieces of content included within your newsletter. So, make sure your images and other graphics are eye-catching and serve a purpose.

5. Organized layout

Make use of a template that displays your content in blocks, similar to a newspaper. Don’t neglect other layout options such as the inverted pyramid layout designed to keep the reader’s eyes moving in a given direction.

6. Minimal text

Avoid larch blocks of text. Your newsletter should include article titles and a one-sentence description for each piece of content you choose to include.

7. Clear CTAs

Use a colorful CTA that stand out and directs readers to each article. This can be done by simply using contrasting colors to make the CTA buttons pop off the page.

8. Minimal promotions

As much as consumers would rather brands send them statistic info via email, they have also stated in recent research that they would want brands to send them more informative information. This is why your newsletter should include 90% informational content and 10% promotional.

9. Social links

Help your readers stay in touch via social media by providing social icons to every newsletter so users can easily follow you.

10. Preference selection

Let your subscribers tell you what content they want to receive by linking to a preference center. This helps increase the level of subscriber personalization, something your readers will thank you for.

11. Unsubscribe option

Thanks to updated laws and regulations, all email marketing material must provide subscribers with a simple way for them to opt-out of future emails. That’s why adding an unsubscribe option to the footer of your emails is a must.

Wrap up

Knowing how to craft a quality email newsletter is a must for email marketers. So remember, you must include:

  • An eye-catching subject line and preheader text
  • Top-quality featured  content
  • Compelling content
  • Engaging graphics
  • Clear CTA

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We credit and thanks Campaign Monitor for inspiration.

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